We congratulate you on the excellent management of the company and the receipt of the certificate of awarding the credit rating of AA+

The credit rating of AA+ found that the company proves a reliable and stable business, and cooperation with the company whose business was rated by CompanyWall business with a credit rating of A+ is not risky, since it is a business partner that meets the high standards of successful business.

The company makes it clear to its current and future business partners, customers or suppliers that it possesses two rare business features – that it is reliable and credible. A good credit rating further strengthens the reputation in the domestic or foreign business environment, as well as the trust of those with whom the company cooperates or will cooperate in the future.

"The prudential rating is awarded on the basis of the business report in numbers. In itself, it is already a success, and it says a lot about the man who runs the company, as well as his employees."

– Maja Kljun, Director