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Comfort Cargo already has work experience of some twenty years; led by Laura Smuđa and Mladen Nikačević, with great success, so Comfort Cargo has a very strong foundation in the world of transport of all kinds of goods.

From the very beginning, transport services have been carried out throughout the region and now we are mainly based on international transport in the EU and Russia.

With experience and innovative solutions, we ensure the highest level of quality and safety in the world of truck transport of goods.

All the transports we do are under constant surveillance and are monitored by satellite, so delays or some other unpredictable things are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Our motto is simply to be the best! We currently have forty new trucks and we are purchasing ten more, with of course new tarpaulin trailers and refrigerators. Top trucks and even more professional drivers, with the professional guidance of Laura Sperg and Mladen Nikačević, and the rest of the team.

For years we have recorded successful business in the domestic and foreign transport markets.

We are currently employing fifty people, rapidly moving in the direction of developing and strengthening our capacities.

In addition to the direction and goal of our development, we follow all the latest standards in terms of environmental protection, our fleet is a year old and we hope that soon they will be available for purchase and electric tugboats.

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